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Ebikes and e-bikes accessories

Ebikes and e-bikes accessories for every type of rider

There’s a full suspension e-bike for everyone in our Stereo range. Each boasts an optimized chassis, geometry, and components, so all you have to do is choose the one that matches your preferred type and style of riding! Decisions, decisions…   

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Introducing SNO-GO Bikes

Ebikes and e-bikes accessories

A black Sno-Go bike featuring a front dual-skis setup and a rear single ski, designed for snow riding with handlebars and a suspension system—perfectly complementing your collection of ebikes and e-bikes accessories.

Like Riding A Bike!

S.L.A.T.R Syncronized Lateral Articulation Technology. 13 Pivot points mimic the free motions of skiing paired with handlebars to give SNO-GOS the only intuitive bike-riding like experience on snow.






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The Blackhawk Special

The PS X Blackhawk e-bike is an E-bike that has been further developed for the Dutch and Northern European market.

These PS X Blackhawk e e-bikes, supported by PSX, have been adapted to the applicable requirements in terms of the performance of the motor and bicycle part. The fact that these deviate significantly from the requirements that are set for these e-bikes in southern Europe has become clear during months of testing and comparison.

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Racks by Kuat

Team Küat is comprised of avid cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and fine ale connoisseurs. This motley crew of dreamers and schemers pool together their diverse talents and interests to bring you sharp design, quality products, and awesome customer service.

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