Hudson Bike Helmet


Product Description

The Hudson is an award winning helmet that delivers that Bern low-profile styling in a lid that meets the new NTA 8776 safety standard. Translation … this thing is rated up to 27mph, meaning you’re covered whether you’re hopping on an e-bike, a scooter, or any other juiced up ride. More protection, less bulk, and added visibility with a snap (literally) using our integrated click-mount light. Call it micro-mobility, electro commuting or COMMON. DAMN. SENSE. Stay out there with the helmet that keeps you looking good and feeling safe on your next e-whatever adventure.



Find your perfect fit with our compass fit system. Simply twist the dial to adjust to your custom fit, keeping your head snug and secure. Due to its light weight, this system will feel as if the helmet were custom made for your comfort.



Bern’s custom-integrated LED light is lightweight and easy to use. This light brings ~6.6 lumens, micro-USB rechargeable, lasts up to 10 hours, water resistance, and has three light settings (steady, flash, and pulse). Simply click in place and ride on. Clickmount light included with Hudson model and sold separately for the Watts 2.0


Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts.


Use these U-lock compatible reinforced vents at the back of the helmet to keep your helmet secure when it’s not on your head.


Avg. Weight 370 Grams
Construction In Mold
Fit System Compass Fit
Vents 13
Light Features 
  • 6.6 Lumens
  • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • 3 Light Modes (Steady, Flash, & Pulse)
  • Lasts Up To 10 Hours
  • Water Resistant



While the standards address force sustained in direct impacts, the Mips component is tested to help reduce your brain’s internal rotational motion in an impact, the types of injuries that can lead to concussions. During an impact, the Mips low friction layer allows the helmet to slide 10-15 millimeters in all directions, reducing some of the rotational motion to the brain vs. helmets without Mips.

VT Helmet Rating

The Bern Major earned a 5-star safety rating from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, the highest possible rating on this test. Through a series of impact testing, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab calculates a STAR score (Summation of Tests for the Analysis of Risk), which sums the exposure-weighted risks for common cyclist head impact scenarios and their corresponding concussion risks. Using 6 impact locations at 2 different velocities, the STAR equation evaluates 12 impact conditions representative of cycling accidents. Click here to learn more about the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab’s testing procedures.

NTA 8776

Developed by the Netherlands, the NTA 8776 standard evolved from EN 1078 to address the emergence of e-bikes and potential for higher speed impacts. This standard follows the same safety metrics but NTA 8776 differs with an increased surface area for direct impact testing and a lower allowable threshold of impact transference to account for bikes with auxiliary pedal assist (A.K.A. E-bikes) up to 45km/h.

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